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Welcome to Premier Eye Care & Surgery, P.C.  When you entrust your eyes’ health to us, you can have confidence that your doctor possesses premier medical and surgical skills, and that he will combine those skills with the highest degree of personalized, compassionate care. 

Jason M. Jacobs, M.D. owns and manages Premier Eye Care & Surgery, P.C. This practice is neither owned nor controlled by a larger, distant corporation.  Dr. Jacobs dedicates himself to personally overseeing every aspect of your care.  If you need surgery, Dr. Jacobs will perform your pre-operative evaluation, your surgical procedure, and your post-operative care himself.  As your eye-care needs evolve through your life, you will receive thorough, personal attention from a highly skilled medical doctor at every juncture. 

At Premier Eye, you also can expect responsiveness to your needs as a whole person.  We are dedicated to integrating your eye care into your complete health-care needs.  We also emphasize addressing the demands your particular lifestyle places on your vision.  Dr. Jacobs will take the time to discuss all of your concerns and help you understand all available alternatives.  The better you understand your medical care, the better your medical care can meet your goals.

Many people who contact us are looking for a CK or LASIK Surgeon in Denver. Dr. Jacobs is skilled in performing both LASIK and CK, as well as a number of other vision-correcting surgeries. For patients interested in having CK in Denver, LASIK in Colorado or any Laser Eye Surgery for the correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, please contact us to set up a free screening appointment to assess whether your eyes and your lifestyle needs make you an appropriate candidate.

Good vision is critical to enjoyment of all that life offers.  At Premier Eye, we will do our part to maximize the quality of your vision, so that you can maximize the quality of your life.
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